Enrollment and Payment Guide

Dear Parent,

This is your guide to enrolling and paying for your child's Happy Homeschool experience. If you have questions, please send us an email at happyhomeschool@vibalgroup.com or message us at 0977-7489049  or 0968-7616294. 

What are the total enrollment fees for Happy Homeschool? 

The total enrollment fee varies depending on the grade level. It ranges between P17,000 and P45,600 for a school year or four academic terms.

Is Happy Homeschool's enrollment fee inclusive of books and other learning materials? 

Yes, Happy Homeschool's enrollment fee is inclusive of books and supplemental learning materials. Below are the package inclusions: 

1) Academic Books - Covering Grades K to 10, each of these compact yet comprehensive worktexts packed with dense lessons and performance tasks contains the five major subjects in one omnibus textbook per grade level. Aligned to DepEd's K-12 curriculum guide, each book  is between 460 to 496 pages and covers ten weeks (or one quarter) of learning. Vibal publishes the Academic Books for four Quarters

2) Smart Homeschool Kit - Perfect for modular learning, Vibals' Smart Homeschool Kit consists of Smart Wizard, a 296-page workbook filled with activity sheets, drills, and exercises, and Smart Class, a 300-page daily class book that contains pre-printed daily lessons and performance tasks for one school year. Our Smart Homeschool Kits are for K-10 and covers English, Math, Science, Filipino, and Araling Panlipunan. 

How will I get the books and learning materials? 

A flat delivery fee for learning materials for SY 2021 is charged upon check out. We run our own delivery service so only Vibal representatives will deliver materials. 

Can I pick up the materials instead at your office to save on delivery fees? 

Yes. Upon payment of the enrollment fee, you may choose "Pick up books" as your delivery option. 

How long will it take for me to receive my child's materials? 

You will receive all learning materials within Quarter 1 of the Happy Homeschool Program. For late enrollees, you may expect to receive your learning materials on or before the start of Quarter 2. 

You will be updated as to the delivery schedule of your child's learning materials for the rest of the school year. 

I have already bought the Academic Books/Smart Homeschool Kit on Vibal's online shop before I learned about Happy Homeschool. Can I deduct the prices of the books from the enrollment fees? 

Please submit your receipt from Vibal's shop or proof of order and payment of the Academic Books and Smart Homeschool Kit. Please note that we will only honor paid orders placed through Vibal's online shop to offset against the enrollment fee. Please email both shop@vibalgroup.com and happyhomeschool@vibalgroup.com with proof of payment of Academic Books and Smart Homeschool Kit so that we can invoice you with the debited amount. 

Please note that we can only offset the price of the particular subject or grade level that you bought. For example, you only bought Smart Homeschool Science Grade 5. Only Smart Homeschool Science 5 will be offset. The rest of the subjects will still be considered part of the Happy Homeschool enrollment fee. 

Can I use other learning materials? 

Yes, you can. You are free to supplement Happy Homeschool learning materials with other resources. However, the package inclusions are standard and cannot be deducted from the total enrollment fees, unless you previously bought the required learning materials from Vibal's online shop. 

Can I pay via installment? 

Yes, that is our default payment offering. Below is Happy Homeschool's installment plan as of September 7: 

Semestral Payment: (2x payment per year) All Subjects

Quarterly Payment: (4x payment per year) All Subjects

Stand Alone Payment (Per Subject payment) Per Quarter

How will I pay? 

To start the enrollment process, please place an order on our website for your child's grade level. The total enrollment fees are published. Kindly read the payment details before purchasing a specific level/subject. Instructions are indicated after you place your order. 

However, when you pay, you also need to send your proof of payment to our email address for verification. 

What are my payment options? 

You can pay via Paypal, GCash, bank deposit, fund transfer, Pera Padala. 

How do I enroll? 

Here are the steps: 

1. Register for an account at Happy Homeschool at https://happy.learnathome.ph. Please input your personal details, not your child's. We will ask for your child's details after payment of enrollment and upon formal registration. 

2. Select your child's grade level and click "Buy Now." You will then be taken to the check out page to pay for the initial amount. Please select your payment and delivery options for the learning materials. 

3. After payment, you will receive an email from the Happy Homeschool team asking you to register your child's LRN and other details as needed in our internal registration portal. 

4. After your child's registration, you will be invited to a series of parent orientation webinars. 

How do I pay for the enrollment fees? 

You can pay through Paypal, Pera Padala, bank deposit, fund transfer, GCash, and Paymaya. 

After payment, please send your proof of payment to shop@vibalgroup.com in order for Vibal to validate your payment. Paypal payments will automatically be processed by our system. 

Can I cancel at any time? 

If classes have not started and you have not received your books, you may choose to cancel your enrollment. We will refund your enrollment fees within five to seven days through check deposit or fund transfer. 

If classes have not started but you have received your books and you wish to cancel, we cannot accept returns. We will refund the enrollment fee less the cost of the books and the delivery fee. 


You may reach us at happyhomeschool@vibalgroup.com or through +639777489049 +639687616294 or (+632)85807400 (landline). 

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