Arts and Music Course (Grades 4 to 6)

Arts and Music Course (Grades 4 to 6)
Enroll your intermediate school learner in this this Happy Homeschool special Arts and Music cou...
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Enroll your intermediate school learner in this this Happy Homeschool special Arts and Music course. There will be twenty five to thirty sessions twice to thrice a week (depending on the course program) in the afternoons. Happy Homeschool special courses are held from 1PM onward. 

Artistic Expression through Painting This course introduces the fundamental process of visual perception and artistic expression to the students. In this course, learners will be taught how to verbalize their ideas, thoughts and emotions through painting with focus on utilizing a variety of painting techniques and applying the elements and principles of design in paintings.

Basic Photography This course introduces the students to the basic concepts of photography, specifically what it is and how it works. Learners will be attending lectures on how to use cameras as a tool, including its parts and controls. Basic operations using the camera will also be taught to the students.

Guitar for Beginners This course introduces the fundamental aspects of beginning guitar to the students. Throughout the course, students will be taught how to hold the guitar properly, how to use the different parts of the guitar, how to apply standard tuning techniques and how to hold a pick and picking notes. Learners will also be trained to develop finger dexterity and strumming abilities in order to begin in making music.

Sessions are conducted virtually by Happy Homeschool teachers though there will be offline activities as well. Class size is up to fifteen students only. 

Sessions will start the week of September 7 and will end in November 2020/first week of December 2020. Special courses will be offered every quarter. 

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