Arts and Music Course (Grades 7 to 10)

Arts and Music Course (Grades 7 to 10)
Enroll your high school learner in this this Happy Homeschool special Arts and Music course. The...
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Enroll your high school learner in this this Happy Homeschool special Arts and Music course. There will be twenty five to thirty sessions twice to thrice a week (depending on the course program) in the afternoons. Happy Homeschool special courses are held from 1PM onward. 

Fashion Design This course aims to hone the skills of the students in fashion designing. It serves as the introduction of the learners to fashion and interior design. Learners will be taught how to define and illustrate elements of design, creative color wheel, recognize basic color schemes and psychology of colors. They will also learn how to identify and select the appropriate tools and equipment, recognize variety of fabrics and explain the purpose of sewing machine parts.

Photography for Young Adults This course focuses on teaching the students to capture great images by equipping them with skills on photography. Learners will be taught various techniques in creating and processing images, which includes the correct usage of shutter speed, depth of field, framing, and focus.

Guitar Playing This course aims to provide the students to develop their skills in making music through the use of a guitar. Students will be engaging themselves with various exercises such as playing through scales, chord charts, strumming patterns and rhythms. They will also be taught how to play simple songs using the guitar.

Sessions are conducted virtually by Happy Homeschool teachers though there will be offline activities as well. Class size is up to fifteen students only. 

Sessions will start the week of September 7 and will end in November 2020/first week of December 2020. Special courses will be offered every quarter. 

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